Voicu & Filipescu

A short History of the Business Catalysts

Firm’s principals, Daniel Voicu and Mugur Filipescu, established Voicu & Filipescu through the acquisition of the local office of an international law firm in 2001. Throughout time, both Voicu and Filipescu have proven a natural disposition towards catalyzing business transactions and taking opportunities in a constructive way.

Since its establishment, Voicu & Filipescu has constantly grown, soon becoming one of the top 10 Romanian law firms in terms of turnover, market position and reputation.

Aiming to strengthen its market position and to develop its team, Voicu & Filipescu added two new associated partners in January 2006, followed by other four in January 2008. In 2008, the firm continued its ascending path by taking over a part of Stefanica Dutu & Partners, another reputed Romanian law firm.

In January 2009 the firm developed its tax practice by integrating the team of its long time business partner, the tax and accounting consultancy company Steuer & Buchhaltung Partner, member of the Romanian Tax Advisers Chamber, and appointing a tax partner.

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